Surefire Strategies for Acing Your Next Interview

Team Blitz Oblivion remembers all too well the days before our current careers. We recall what an accomplishment it was to even land an interview sometimes, let alone walk away from that meeting feeling like we’d made the best impression possible. With that in mind, and because our organization is expanding, we’d like to reveal some of the strategies that helped us nail our interviews:

• Do Your Homework: Before talking to a Blitz Oblivion hiring manager, it pays to do some research. At minimum, spend time looking over the company website, relevant blogs, and social media feeds. Also, peruse LinkedIn to get a little background information on company leaders. A good rule of thumb is to invest about two to three hours of studying as a minimum.

• Role-Play the Q&A: A quick internet search will produce all the lists of common interview questions you’ll ever need. Use these to prepare answers in advance, and then have a friend or colleague run through a mock interview scenario with you. If you record the sessions on your phone, you’ll be able to monitor your tone of voice and body language as well.

• Dress for Success: First impressions matter, and dressing for success is one of the easiest ways to start an interview well. Clothes should be clean and pressed, with a minimal amount of personal flair – you want to be remembered for your answers, after all, not your neon doorknob-sized aardvark brooch.

These tips will go a long way toward helping you ace your next interview. Like Blitz Oblivion on Facebook for more.