A Few of the Reasons Small Businesses Are Great

May is National Small Business Month, and since Blitz Oblivion is a small (but growing) organization we wanted to take part in the celebration. Here are just a few of the reasons we enjoy working for an emerging enterprise.

One of the best is the close friendships we’re able to make with almost everyone on the team. We get to interact with the entire office on a regular basis, and then we go beyond that with our Blitz Oblivion team nights. The sense of camaraderie is almost palpable, with many of us considering our colleagues to be our best friends as well.

Along with personal connections, we also appreciate the close ties we have with our managers. Our leadership team is accessible and eager to help, and the smaller nature of our company makes it easier for them to provide the support and relevant feedback necessary to advance our careers.

Advancement opportunities are more frequent in a small company like ours as well. It’s easier to be recognized for our achievements because of our tight-knit team, and because we receive more personalized attention from coaches and team leaders.

We’re proud to be a small business, and even though we know we won’t always be this size we plan on keeping the qualities that make working here great. Check out our Blitz Oblivion Newswire feed to see what we have in store for Small Business Month.