Looking for a Unique Career Prospect? Look No Further!

Blitz Oblivion is a growing company, with demand for our firm’s one-on-one consultation services continuing to rise. This means that we’re always on the lookout for stellar new team members. These are just a few good reasons to join our team:

• Killer Perks: From day one with Blitz Oblivion team members are treated to a wide variety of advantages. For example, we have a thorough training system that includes coaching, workshops, and seminars that help people succeed in life, not just their careers. Also, to supplement our learning system we travel to leadership retreats and networking events that get us around the brightest minds in our field.

• Uncapped Potential: Our business model includes unlimited growth potential, both for our incomes and for advancement. The only standard we measure by is results, making us a level playing field regardless of background or work history.

• Fun, Team-Oriented Office Environment: We know people work more effectively and efficiently when they enjoy what they do and the crew with whom they do it. Frequent team nights get us out of the office and give us chances to connect with one another while having fun together, and in-office contests make our HQ lively too.

If these sound like elements of an ideal career to you, then we suggest submitting your resume on our Careers page. Before you do, follow Blitz Oblivion on Twitter to learn more about us and find out which positions are open.