Grads Can Take the Next Step Here

Our Blitz Oblivion internship program is designed to give new college grads an edge they can’t get anywhere else. If you’ve just graduated and want to begin a rewarding career, there’s no better place to find yourself. Whatever might be on your career bucket list, our in-depth training will put it within your reach.

One of the focal points of our internship program and overall training approach is setting clear, ambitious goals. We strive to become our best selves, which means aiming higher with every big win. This is a mind-set that gets reinforced through ongoing education. We also celebrate every victory, which motivates us for the next big objective.

When it comes to career bucket list items, there are a couple of things we tend to prioritize. It’s natural for people just starting out to want to inspire others someday, for example. We help Blitz Oblivion interns get closer to this goal by imparting on them leadership skills and commitment to constant improvement. With these attributes in tow, it’s hard not to inspire those around you.

Many people want to travel more, both for personal and professional reasons. The many trip incentives we offer are perfect fits here as well. For anyone who wants to start a fulfilling career with plenty of chances to venture far from home, it’s tough to find a better landing spot than our firm.

We’re always ready to meet talented grads who want to learn with us. Follow Blitz Oblivion on Twitter for updates on this year’s crop of interns.