Ernell Moves Forward to Leadership Team

We’re proud of our coworkers when they hit personal or professional goals, and we like to recognize one another for our achievements. This month, we wanted to shine our Blitz Oblivion spotlight on Ernell M. for earning a promotion to leadership.

Ernell is hard-working, focused, and always has a great attitude. These characteristics are just a few of the reasons that his advancement was well-earned. He also displays great leadership skills, going above and beyond for anyone on the team who could use his assistance.

We asked Ernell a few questions about where he saw his Blitz Oblivion career journey going in the future. In the short term, he plans to move quickly through the management training program, help develop new team members, and in general expand his sphere of influence at the firm. Long term, he’d like to earn enough money to support a family and eventually buy the house he grew up in when his dad retires.

We also wanted to know what he enjoyed most about being on the team, and he stated that it was the exciting environment. Our office is full of people who are eager to grow, have great attitudes, and want to see each other succeed.

Congratulations again to Ernell for moving to the next level of his career journey; we’re excited to see what you accomplish in your new role. Follow Blitz Oblivion on Twitter to see who advances next.